About the "Chef".

I was raised in a middle class family Dad was a construction worker by trade Mom was a nurse. At a young age I already had a love for cooking. As I grew I found cooking was a great stress relief. I enjoy to cook for others that love eat to watch the face of each person change with each new flavor profile. I have the time to cook for my family now (we have 7 kids at home still) we have a total of 17 kids between us. My wife had 5 when we were married and I had 2 (and a step daughter I consider mine too) and adopted 9 of the foster kids we took for over 10 years.

About the reviews. 

The reviews are the sole opinion of the reviewer; I/we try to be unbiased and honest. If you have a comment or request feel free to write. if you would like to submitt a recipe for testing or to be posted send it to me. If you have a dispensary that you wouldlike to have me check send me info and we will try and get to it as soon as possible